Tolkien’s Moon by Alyssa Sunseri


Alyssa Sunseri is from Factoryville, PA. She is currently working as a tattoo apprentice in Wind Gap, PA. Her two cats, Scav and Sam, are the only things that keep her grounded at her drawing table.


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We are currently accepting all genres of writing (fiction, poetry, nonfiction, & drama) as well as all forms of visual art (photography, painting, sketches, etc.). We also welcome commentary on current events.

If you would like your piece to be considered, please email Include your work as an attachment, & please include a short bio (~5-10 sentences), which includes where you live or lived specifically. We plan to get back to people as soon as possible, and we will update this page with specific information on waiting times as we begin to receive submissions.

Submission Guidelines:


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Visual Art:

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